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Vishnu Sahasranama Training

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Vishnu Sahasranama Training

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Course Description: The Lalitha Sahasranama Training is a comprehensive course dedicated to the study and chanting of the sacred Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram, a revered hymn from the ancient Indian tradition. This course offers a profound opportunity for participants to delve into the mystical and spiritual aspects of this hymn, exploring its meaning, significance, and the art of proper pronunciation and recitation.

Course Overview:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Vishnu Sahasra Nama
  • Module 2: The 1000 Names of Vishnu
  • Module 3: Pronunciation and Chanting Practice
  • Module 4: Devotion and Meditation


  • Shivam Guruji

Course Features:

  • 4-week immersive training program
  • Weekly live sessions with Sri Shivam Guruji
  • Q&A sessions for clarifications
  • Personalized guidance on pronunciation

Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement in Vishnu Sahasra Nama Chanting and Study.


  • Course Fee: 2000

Refund Policy: Participants may request a refund within the first two weeks of the course if they find it unsuitable for their needs.

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